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Daily SPF Is Your Skin's BFF

SPF isn’t just for beach and pool days. It’s not even just for days you're outside. UV rays are sneaky and can affect you on cloudy days, when you’re inside, on an airplane and even in your car. Think of SPF as your daily morning coffee you have each day or that one thing you have everyday that you can’t live without. 

Age Gracefully

Everyone wants to keep that youthful glow for as long as they can and daily SPF is going to be your bestie when it comes to aging gracefully. Sun exposure can be one of the biggest factors of premature aging, early wrinkles and age spots. By wearing your sunscreen now, you’re protecting the future of your skin.

Defense Against Skin Cancer

Now the serious stuff. UV exposure is the number one cause of skin cancer. It’s not all bad news though, regular daily use of SPF can greatly reduce your risk. Sunscreen acts as a protective shield, blocking those UV rays from reaching your skin. Think of SPF as your knight in shining armor, it’s always there to protect you.

No Excuses!

Gone are the days of “sunscreen makes me feel greasy” or “it’ll make my skin break out.” There are so many products on the market now that are lightweight, non greasy and acne safe. From skin tints, to moisturizers to brush on powder, you really have no excuse to skip protecting your skin. Now when we talk about SPF, we’re not talking about those products that have a 10 SPF. I’m talking to all my girlies who just wanted to get tan in their teens. I was one of them! But now we’ve learned and we’re older and more mature now, right? When you are looking for a daily sunscreen, we’re looking for a minimum of 30 SPF. Obviously the higher the better. For example, on days I know I need to wear sunscreen but am just not feeling it, I might be wearing a lightweight 40 SPF but most days I’m sticking with my SkinBetter Science® Tone Smart SPF 75. What’s something else we’re holding ourselves accountable for when it comes to sunscreen? WE ARE REAPPLYING. It may seem tedious but it must be done to really keep your skin protected.

Never Too Late

Whether you seek the sun or you prefer the shade, it’s never too late to start wearing SPF. Even if you’re reading this and you’re someone who has spent years in the sun without protecting your skin, break the habit now and you’ll still notice a difference in your skin. At The Grove, we have a wide range of SPF products. Whether you’re looking for a medical grade product, a makeup that contains SPF or a moisturizer, we really do have something for everyone's skin and budget. If you’re just getting started on your SPF journey,

we’d love to help you! Stop into the boutique and we can share some options with you. If you’re ready to get down to business and really create a plan for your skin, you can book a Fresh Face Consultation with us.

Remember daily SPF is your BFF. Now stay sun-safe, gorgeous and always reapply!


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