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Immediate, lasting pain relief!


Service Details:

Appointment Length: 30 min

Pricing: $13/Unit

You may know that Botox® can be used to treat migraines. But did you know that there are actually many other therapeutic uses for Botox®? The TheraTox™ technique is a specialized treatment that can address multiple areas of pain, asymmetry, excessive sweating and more.

The Results:

Immediate, lasting pain relief, resolved asymmetry, or reduced sweating (depending on the area injected).

The Process:

We will inject the area with a neuromodulator. Common areas of treatment include:

- Migraines

- Upper back pain

- Sciatica

- Tennis elbow

- Scar reduction

- Jaw straightening


- Bell’s palsy asymmetry

- Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the the underarms, feet and hands

- Plantar fasciitis.

A Grove Spa treatment

What Our Clients Say

"Theratox worked wonders for my shoulder pain! The relief was almost instant. Thank you to the team for making a noticeable difference!"


- Joanna V.

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