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Grove Spa owner

Meet Tammy Sciara

Owner of The Grove Spa

I started The Grove Spa because I saw an opportunity to offer aesthetic services in a way that was not being done. So many times I had visited medical ‘spas’ that gave me what I needed, but not what I truly desired. I always felt like these visits were the perfect opportunity to relax, but I never felt relaxed. I usually felt rushed, and that the experience was cold, and unapproachable.


I knew seeing this industry from the patient perspective instead of the provider perspective would set me apart as an owner. I wanted to offer something different.

The Grove Spa Opening

In 2018 we opened our doors. From day one the focus was on quality and comfort.


Quality of the experience first and foremost, but quality of products, services, devices and everything in between as well (a considerable part of my time is spent researching and learning about new advancements in the industry!).


We want you to leave feeling beautiful and relaxed! 


Grove Spa staff
Grove Spa owner, Tammy Sciari

More About Tammy

‘We promise to give you the best advice without being pushy!’ -Tammy

Tammy is married with two sons, and lives in Brookside. She moved to Kansas City in 2005 from Columbia, MO where she was born and raised.


You will often find her at the The Grove, chatting with clients and the staff or stocking new products in The Grove’s expansive skincare boutique. Feel free to say hello! She loves to get to know everyone that comes in!

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