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Reduce dark hollows, wrinkles and tear troughs safely


Service Details:

Appointment Length: 45 mins Pricing: $750

Under eye skin rejuvenation is a solution for people looking for a more natural and safe alternative to dermal fillers. As we age, the area under the eye often hollows, or can look crepey or puffy due to the depletion of collagen and elastin.

The Results:

You will see some results immediately, however, best results are seen at the 3 month mark, which is the ideal time needed for collagen, elastin and skin cells to fully regenerate. Most patients need 3 treatments spaced at 1 month intervals to achieve optimal results.

The Process:

We draw a small amount of blood (usually taken from your arm), and then spin the blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelets, fibrin, and growth factors. This concentrated solution is then carefully injected into the under-eye area, stimulating collagen and elastin production and improving skin quality over time.

Additional Pricing Information:

Individual treatment is $750, or purchase a package of 3 for $1800 ($350 savings).

What Our Clients Say

"Emilee did an incredible job for my first treatment! She was knowledgeable, friendly, and over all awesome to work with. I highly recommend anyone going to her!"

- Sara Behnke

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Fresh Face Consultation

Treatment Guidelines

Below are important pre-treatment and post-treatment guidelines and additional information. Please also feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your service.

Contraindications: (If any of these apply to you, please do not book this appointment.) - Pregnant or breastfeeding - Platelet dysfunction syndrome - Critical thrombocytopenia - Hemodynamic instability - Septicemia - Local infection at the site - Cancer (especially hematopoietic or bone)

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