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Professional Makeup Brush Set

5 brushes for a complete makeup:


Powder Brush: The powder brush is a must; it is ideal to apply the uniform of compact or free powder all over the face.


Blush Brush: The Bachca Blush Brush is ideal for applying compact or loose powder. Its beveled shape follows the curves of the face and allows a perfect application on the cheekbones and the edges.


Foundation Brush: This brush is ideal for applying its background without defect. An ultra-thin film for a smooth and homogeneous result


Angled Shader Brush: The Bachca Beveled Eyeliner is the perfect accessory to apply shadows to eyelids. Its beveled tip is designed to work the shadows in the hollow of the eyelid and on the brow bone.


Eyebrow & Eyeliner Brush: This brush can also be used to apply and blur the eyebrow pencil but also to draw a line of eyeliner. Its fine synthetic fibers make it possible to define and intensify the outline of the eyes in order to define and intensify the look.



Bachca Paris - Professional Makeup Brush Set

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  • These brushes will be the prettiest thing you have in your makeup routine.


    • Put the brush head in the water and apply a small amount of soap (mild shampoo) in the palm of your hand.
    • Rub the brush in your hand in the little circular motions and rinse. Repeat until the brush clears clear water.
    • Wring out the maximum with your fingers, without pulling the hair.
    • Tape a small towel or a good layer of paper towels on a flat surface and glue your pliers to the others. It is important not to head up.
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