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Clearing the Path to Confident Back-To-School Skin

As summer comes to an end and the back-to-school season approaches, it's time to start preparing for a fresh start. However, for many students, the thought of going back to school also means facing the challenges of acne-prone skin. Acne can be a major confidence hurdle, affecting self-esteem and social interactions.

Understanding Acne:

Acne typically occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, resulting in pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Factors such as hormones, genetics, stress and skincare habits can contribute to acne development.

“Acne is a stubborn skin condition and requires consistent use of active ingredients to sufficiently interrupt the acne process. It can take 90 days for a breakout to form and therefore may take up to 3 months before results are visible. 'Purging' often happens within these first 90 days when active ingredients accelerate cell turnover and bring deep-seated breakouts to the skin's surface more quickly.” Madison, Esthetician. Acne breakouts can be emotionally distressing and the visible blemishes and scars can make anyone feel self-conscious, impacting their overall self-esteem. The fear of judgment and the desire for clear skin can lead to a constant search for effective solutions. “It’s crucial to understand that there are different types of acne: mild, moderate and severe. Each acne type is treated differently, requires a combination of active ingredients and is categorized by severity which can be determined by how many breakouts are present on the skin,” Madison, Esthetician.

You might be surprised by some of the top reasons an acne flare up can occur. Eva, one of our estheticians talked to us about the 3 biggest causes people don’t realize.

1. Biotin - Ingesting high amounts of Biotin. Biotin increases the amount of keratin in our skin. Excessive amounts of keratin will physically clog the pores leading to breakouts. Keratin is found in many protein-rich foods and biotin can be found in eggs, nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains and a number of other food products.

2. Laundry Detergent - A lot of laundry detergents contain pore clogging ingredients or fragrances that trigger breakouts without you realizing it. The waxy residue that detergents leave on clothing can transfer to your skin and cause facial and bodily breakouts. It’s best to use fragrance free detergents.

3. Make Up Foundations - It’s best to use a tinted sunscreen and not foundation. Allow your skin to breathe when you can and always protect your skin from the sun.

Introducing Face Reality Acne Treatment:

The Face Reality Acne Treatment is a game-changer in the world of acne management. Their approach is rooted in the belief that everyone's skin is unique, and personalized treatment plans are the key to success. With the guidance of our Certified Face Reality Acne Estheticians, this treatment method offers a comprehensive and customized approach that goes beyond over-the-counter products and one-size-fits-all solutions.

Bid farewell to acne-related stress and confidently embrace the upcoming back-to-school season. Remember, true beauty lies in self-acceptance and feeling comfortable in your own skin! With the help from our highly trained estheticians we can guide you to a path of clear, healthy skin, empowering you with confidence for each school day. Say goodbye to acne-induced insecurities and hello to a confident new you! Invest in your skin and invest in yourself.


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